2024: Looking Forward + 2023 Recap

As we enter a new year, the time is ripe to reflect upon what we’ve accomplished in 2023, and where…

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2024: Looking Forward + 2023 Recap

January 22, 2024
As we enter a new year, the time is ripe to reflect upon what we’ve accomplished in 2023, and where we’re heading in 2024. 
The projects below represent a joint effort between our interdisciplinary in-house team, our global director and creative rosters, and our key partners. We’re grateful to all of the people who made these projects a reality and continue to strengthen and expand our impact with each new effort.  
A big thank you as well to our clients, whose hard work, creativity, and trust in us enable our team to grow, thrive, and build the future. 

Optic Sky Rebrand

2023 witnessed the total rebranding of Optic Sky, including a new website and meaningful expansions to:
  • The services we offer
  • The tools we use
  • Our partnerships 
  • Our team
  • Our educational offerings
Each expansion complements and strengthens our existing offerings and sets our clients and partners up to thrive in the new era of content creation.

You can learn more here: Welcome to the New Optic Sky

Synapse Virtual Production Partnership

Also in 2023, Optic Sky formed an incredibly significant partnership with Synapse Virtual Production. Our CEO, Aaron Gordon, became a member of the founding team and currently serves as COO at Synapse, in addition to his role at Optic Sky. Our partnership with Synapse VP allows us to offer Hollywood-level virtual production capabilities to our advertising clients at reasonable cost. 
Our team also worked with Synapse VP during the build out of their new, state-of-the-art virtual production volume in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It currently stands as one of, if not the best virtual production volumes in the country. 

Wegmans: Astor Place 

In 2023, we further strengthened our six-year relationship with Wegmans Food Markets. Stand out projects include helping to promote the launch of Wegmans Astor Place—the first Wegmans market in Manhattan and now officially the largest supermarket in Manhattan at a whopping 87,500 square feet.
Located in the historic Wannamaker building, consumer demand was through the roof on opening day, with lines around the block and Wegmans devotees camping out since the early morning. 
We like to think the series of ads we produced for Wegmans Astor Place had something to do with generating that demand. Here’s a link to those Wegmans Astor Place ads

Wegmans: For The Win

Another favorite Wegmans shoot was the “Wegmans: For The Win” spots we filmed using real food, slow zooms, and a classic play-by-play commentator voiceover to grab attention. Football season never tasted so good 😋

Blend: SaaS Launch Video

Did you know we speak fluent SaaS and fintech? Blend is a great example.

As a SaaS company that helps financial providers streamline workflows and transform banking experiences for their customers, Blend is the infrastructure powering the future of banking.
When the Blend team approached us to create the launch video for its Composable Origination product, we embraced the challenge, working closely with their team to discuss directors, key audiences, and business goals, as well as to determine brand and product narratives. 
Featuring slow zooms, flash pans, animation, and a few laughs to boot, the resulting 1:38 spot was featured prominently on the Blend website, across social media, and as part of a virtual launch event. Click here to see the Blend Composable Origination launch video

New Era Caps: NFL Sidelines

Our latest post-production collab with The Martin Group weaves together captivating visuals for New Era's latest NFL Sidelines collection. The series features NFL players from the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, and Dallas Cowboys together in both 30 and 15 second spots, as well as three shorter spots focused on each team respectively.
Launched over 100 years ago in 1920, New Era Cap Co. has grown to become the number one headwear brand in the world and we’re proud to play a part in helping them, and The Martin Group, further their ongoing success. Click here to see the New Era Caps NFL Sidelines spots. 

Rosamond Gifford Zoo: Augmented Reality Experience 

In a historic event, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo celebrated the birth of male Asian elephant twins on October 24, 2022—the first surviving elephant twins ever recorded in the United States. Several months later, the zoo approached our team to create an augmented reality experience that would complement their new and improved Asian elephant exhibit. 
Packed with facts and narrative, our AR elephant experience provided context for visitors to help them learn more about these majestic animals, classified as endangered, and the conservation efforts the Rosamond Gifford Zoo is undertaking as one of just eight accredited facilities recognized for Asian elephant breeding. 
We are so proud to have supported the zoo's worthwhile efforts toward Asian elephant conservation and to help the public learn a thing or two while having fun in the process. Click here to check out the Rosamond Gifford Zoo augmented reality experience. 

Virtual Reality Aircraft Marshalling Training Experience

In 2024, we are super excited to introduce a cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) training program specifically designed for aircraft marshalling. The training is modular and flexible, providing a comprehensive educational experience that allows both new and seasoned personnel to virtually transport themselves to major global airports and experience realistic scenarios, all from the safety of a training room. 
Utilizing user-friendly technology like Meta VR headsets, our VR training is not only more affordable and scalable than traditional methods, but also significantly reduces workplace injuries, as evidenced by a 43% reduction rate. 
You can see our progress over at the virtual reality aircraft marshalling page on our website and learn more about the 9 Industry-Changing Benefits of VR Aircraft Marshalling Training on our blog.  

Events and Exhibits: Experiential + Motion Graphics

Also in 2024, we have our eyes set on working with more event managers, museum directors, and experiential marketers to:
  • Use social AR to attract audiences to their events and exhibits, while generating buzz 
  • Bring existing, static exhibits to life with motion and interactivity
  • Create immersive, in-person experiences using projection mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual production 
We loved working with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and can’t wait to dive headfirst into more experiential marketing projects for 2024 in-person events. 
We also look forward to more event branding, digital signage, and motion graphics projects, such as the work we did for Amazon Ignite Live and Amazon Ops Live

SaaS UI Animation 

Another 2024 goal of ours is to help SaaS product marketers get more from their launch videos, homepage videos, and myriad product marketing videos. We sum up our approach to SaaS product marketing videos as “UI animation” because we use the actual user interface (UI) to build a narrative around the product and tell a story showing how it works and solves problems for specific audiences. 
Our goal is to make SaaS product marketing videos both entertaining and informative…. A middle ground, if you will, between a brand awareness video (with little actual substance) and a product demo (boring and way down the funnel). And waaaay better than those cheesy “explainer videos” we’re all so very tired of. 
You can see one example of how we accomplished this in the Zeplin SaaS product marketing video we created.

Fisher-Price Animation

Speaking of animation, we're about to drop a new project with Fisher Price toward the end of this month — so keep an eye out!

Let’s Do This 

We are genuinely excited to share our journey with you this year and, even more importantly, to provide actually valuable resources and ideas that help you keep up with the latest tech, creative ideas, and smart approaches to your job, whether you are a marketer, advertiser, creative director, producer, or event manager. 
Beyond sending occasional emails, we will accomplish this via an exciting interview series…. more details on that soon!

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With gratitude, 
The Optic Sky team