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Official Partners: Synapse Virtual Production, Epic Games, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Member: SMPTE.

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We’ve partnered with industry powerhouse, Synapse Virtual Production (VP), to bring their industry-leading virtual production technology, people, and facilities to our global brand and agency partners.

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          What is ICVFX?

          Made famous for its use in Hollywood blockbusters, ICVFX is a type of virtual production that uses real-time game engine software (like Unreal Engine) to create virtual characters and environments and display them on giant LED walls that are placed behind a physical set and human actors.

          These virtual environment and characters are then synced with the physical camera on set using motion trackers, which allows them to respond in real-time to the movment of the physical cameras and live actors.

          In this way, ICVFX virtual production blends live action and computer graphics seamlessly, making entirely new content experiences possible.

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