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Event Branding & Motion Graphics When Amazon asked us to bring their latest Ignite Live event in Las Vegas to…

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Ignite Live


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Event Branding & Motion Graphics

When Amazon asked us to bring their latest Ignite Live event in Las Vegas to life with fresh creative motion graphics, branding, video, and digital signage, we went full steam ahead.

As part of creating the initial save-the-date teaser video, our team went above and beyond (as we do) and created a "world of prisms" that informed the event branding.
Amazon loved it so much, they asked us to create brand guidelines for the entire event that could inform all vendors and Amazonians on how to use the brand cohesively across every platform. Of course, we obliged.
We then focused on creating motion graphics for the 3,000+ attendees in the keynote space, which included custom graphics for 12 different speakers over 2 days, welcome graphics, and interstitial graphics in between the presentations, all fully editable by our team on-site to allow for last minute adjustments or changes needed.

Services Provided

  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Motion Graphics Package of assets 
  • Custom Motion Graphics for the Registration Desk & the Keynote Presentation Room 
  • Run of Show document creation & management


Creative Director & Producer: Sarah Casale 
Graphic Design: Sarah Casale & Leah Hall 
Teaser Video 3D Animation: Frederic Colin
2D Animation: Ben Zingo & Sarah Casale 
Event 3D Motion Graphics: Lori Meyer 
Sound Design: Ryan Meadows 


Entire Campaign - 2 Gold and 1 Silver ADDY 2022
Teaser Video - 1 Silver ADDY 2022


260 Deliverables using 5 Screens and spanning 12,000+pixels

Motion Graphics for the Keynote Space included:

  • Welcome Graphics for both days of the event
  • 12 custom Speaker Intros
  • Looping backgrounds to play during each speaker’s presentation
  • Finale Graphic hyping the final night party
  • All fully editable on-site to accommodate last requests/changes