New Era Cap – Be Authentic

In our latest post-production collaboration with The Martin Group, we’ve woven together captivating visuals for New Era’s new merchandise.

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Be Authentic

New Era Cap

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Let's Get Authentic

Our latest grand slam collab with The Martin Group found us helping New Era Cap highlight the authenticity as the official cap provider to Major League Baseball and the only company authorized to use the “batterman” logo on its caps.
Centered around the thought-provoking question, “What gives meaning to a symbol?”, this campaign includes one 30-second spot featuring Bryce Harper and Aaron Judge, and two 15-second spots focused on each player, respectively. Optic Sky handled all post-production for this effort.

Services Provided

  • VFX
  • Producing
  • Editing


Client: New Era Cap
Agency: The Martin Group
Head of Post Production: Sarah Casale
Editor: Corey Scibilia
Colorist: Corey Scibilia

Opening Day - Full Spot

Opening Day - Bryce Harper

Opening Day - Aaron Judge

About New Era Cap

Launched over 100 years ago in 1920, New Era Cap Co. has grown to become the number-one headwear brand in the world. As the official on-field cap of MLB, the official sideline cap of the NFL, and the official on-court cap of the NBA, New Era is the only brand in sports history to have exclusive on-field, sideline, and on-court headwear rights for all three major U.S. leagues at the same time. Today, its products span the worlds of sports, fashion, music, and entertainment.