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Zeplin | Animation Series UI Animation Helps Zeplin Launch New Software Features

Optic Sky produced three user interface (UI) animation videos to help Zeplin announce the latest version of its award-winning software in a way that would:

  1. Visually explain the new features
  2. Differentiate the app from competitors
  3. Inject some fun into the mix (as we’re known to do)

New Zeplin features change the way teams collaborate, clarify user journeys, and deliver on designs.

The two-minute version was used by Zeplin co-founders Pelin Kenez and Berk Çebi to introduce the new app at Harmony, the first ever Zeplin user summit.

The event featured innovative designers and developers from companies including Disney, Washington Post, and Microsoft, along with a special appearance from Deutsche Bahn.

  • Cient: Zeplin
  • Director: Adam Chitayat
  • Writer: Sullivan Slentz
  • Producer: Sarah Casale
  • Animator: Ben Zingo
  • Design: Lori Meyer, Cameron Czadzeck
  • Voice Over: Sullivan Slentz, Sarah Casale
  • Sound Design: Ryan Meadows

Services Provided

  • Animation
  • Writing
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Art Direction