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Life Storage | Commercial Series April Fools

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April Fools commercials are always fun to make because people will actually believe even the most outlandish stuff. Take these ideas we came up with for Life Storage.You’d be stunned how many real-life takers we had for #ThatsWhatSheShed, or how many people thought that tiny little box robots were finally going to take over the world, but even better than the reactions were the millions of views and mentions on top-10 April Fools’ Day commercial lists. The work got shout-outs from Adweek, Time, The Washington Post, Yahoo and more.

  • Client: Life Storage
  • Director: Sullivan Slentz
  • Director of Photography: Aaron Gordon
  • Producer: Matthew O'Neill
  • Editor: Sullivan Slentz
  • VFX: Corey Scibilia
  • Sound Design: Ryan Meadows


2018 ADDY Awards - Gold - Film, Video, & Sound: Online Film, Video, & Sound: Internet Commecial
Rochester Advertising Federation
2018 ADDY Awards - Silver - Elements of Advertising: Copywriting
Rochester Advertising Federation

Services Provided

  • Storyboarding
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Casting
  • Art Direction
  • Producing
  • Set Design
  • Editing
  • VFX
  • Color Grading
  • Compositing
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mixing