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Transform On-Site Engagement into Social Media Buzz At Optic Sky, we specialize in providing interactive AR filters designed specifically for…

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Events and Exhibits

On-Site Augmented Reality

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Transform On-Site Engagement into Social Media Buzz

At Optic Sky, we specialize in providing interactive AR filters designed specifically for zoos, aquariums, museums, cultural organizations, and other event / exhibit-based organizations.

Our mission is to create immersive, photo-worthy experiences that visitors are excited to share across their social networks.

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Interactive AR Filters

Designed for Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, and Cultural Orgs

AR filters are an integral part of Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (just like your grid and reels) and one of the most attention-grabbing features available.
Our custom AR filters transform ordinary event landscapes into interactive zones. Imagine your guests capturing photos and videos with virtual elements that enhance their experience and beg to be shared—All easily accessed through a simple QR code, “with zero hardware to purchase or maintain.”

Key Features

Bespoke Filters

Tailored to feature your organization’s unique branding, messaging, and the theme of your specific event or exhibit.

Zero Hardware Needs

Easily add AR experiences to your exhibits without any additional hardware or maintenance costs — just pure AR magic.

Social Integration

Since guests use their existing social media apps to access the filters, sharing is effortless, multiplying your event’s visibility and growing your social media following with zero advertising spend.

Boost Visitor Engagement and Brand Awareness

With our AR filters, every snapshot your visitors take turns into a potential viral post, significantly enhancing your online presence and drawing in a broader audience. Here’s how we boost your event’s impact:

Encourage Social Sharing

By making it fun and interactive, visitors are more likely to post their experiences online, turning them into active promoters of your organization.

Enhance Brand Recognition

As more guests share their unique interactions to their personal followers, awareness of your event or exhibit grows, attracting new visitors and keeping your existing audience engaged.

Why Optic Sky AR Filters?

Broader Audience Reach

Leverage the extensive user bases of major social platforms to maximize visibility and attract new visitors. Grow your social following every time a visitor shares an AR-enhanced snapshot or video from your event or exhibit.

Interactive Engagement

Blend fun with meaningful content that resonates with your audience, enhancing their connection to your mission.

Increased Conversions

Convert online interactions into real-world visits, boosting ticket sales and participation at your events.

Pair with our AR Countdown Filter

Maximize your impact by pairing on-site AR filters with our AR countdown filter.

Together, they create a virtuous cycle of boosting online attention and engagement, driving visits and ticket sales, turning on-site visitors into social media advocates, reaching beyond your current followers to a wider audience, and repeating. Simply scan the QR code or click the link below to be redirected to the Instagram app if you're already on your phone.

Experience our AR Countdown Filter

Transform Your Upcoming Event or Exhibit with AR

Build anticipation and boost ticket sales with our AR Filters.

10% Off for new clients through June 30th.

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