Augmented Reality Social Media Countdown Filters – Boost Ticket Sales and Social Engagement

Custom, Shareable AR Countdown Filters Build Anticipation for Your Event At Optic Sky, we recognize that a wide range of…

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Boost Ticket Sales and Social Engagement

Augmented Reality Social Media Countdown Filters

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Custom, Shareable AR Countdown Filters Build Anticipation for Your Event

At Optic Sky, we recognize that a wide range of vital organizations—from zoos and aquariums, to museums, cultural organizations, and beyond—rely heavily on ticket sales to support their operations… and that fluctuating attendance can create real financial instability. 

With this in mind, we are proud to offer an augmented reality (AR) social media filter specifically designed to help these and other event / exhibit-based organizations promote their events and increase ticket sales using the power of digital engagement. 



for New Clients
through June 30th

AR Social Media Countdown Filter

Our AR countdown filter is a versatile tool designed for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, helping organizations increase online engagement, promote their events, and drive ticket sales. This filter serves as a bridge connecting potential visitors to your real-world exhibits and events.

Features Include

Countdown Timer

Keep upcoming events top-of-mind for your audience with a digital countdown, fostering anticipation and excitement. Countdown to the start of your exhibit / event, or to the end of a ticket promotion. 

AR Face Effects

Allow users to interact with your brand in a fun and engaging way that highlights your unique offerings and special themes. Think glasses, hats, face paint and more—all themed to your event.

Custom Branding

Put your brand and event logos, colors, and messaging front and center for increased memorability.

Frictionless Ticket Purchases

Post using the filter and add a sticker link to your ticket purchase page, making it easy for people to move from interest to purchase.  

Why It's Effective

Broader Audience Reach

Leverage the extensive user bases of major social platforms to increase visibility, user-generated content (UGC), social sharing, and to attract new visitors. Turn your audience into advocates for your event and grow your following every time they share to their personal followers.

Interactive Engagement

Combine fun with education, allowing users to learn about your mission and upcoming events through a captivating digital experience.

Increased Visits

Our countdown filter gives you something to post every day because it's always counting down! Link stickers on shared social posts can turn digital interactions into physical visits by prompting ticket purchases while your customers are actively engaged.

Tailored to Your Needs

Recognizing the distinct nature of each organization, our service includes a complimentary strategy and customization session to learn more about your organization and to ensure the AR experience reflects your brand ethos and identity, the unique draw of your specific event or exhibit, and meets your strategic objectives.

Pair with our On-Site AR Filters

Maximize your impact by pairing the AR countdown filter with on-site AR filters. 

Together, they create a virtuous cycle of boosting online attention and engagement, driving visits and ticket sales, turning on-site visitors into social media advocates, reaching beyond your current followers to a wider audience, and repeating. 

Learn More About On-Site AR Filters

Explore an AR Filter

See how our AR filters can transform your digital strategy 

Explore a prototype on Instagram and witness the potential of augmented reality in enhancing visitor engagement. Simply scan the QR code or Click this link to be redirected to the Instagram app if you're already on your phone. Keep in mind that a wide range of customization options are available!

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Build anticipation and boost ticket sales with our AR Countdown Filter.

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