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Datto | Commercial Built For You

3 sets, 20 talent, moving backdrops, two minutes… and one shot. Half commercial, half theatrical production, our newest piece for Datto follows an MSP(Managed Service Provider) company as they grow from home office, to highrise, with Datto’s support. To pull this shot off our cast and crew had to be agile, adaptable, and reliable. Just a few of the key qualities Datto embodies as they help their clients maximize success.

  • Client: Datto
  • Director: Sullivan Slentz
  • Director of Photography: Aaron Gordon
  • Production Manager: Matthew O'Neill
  • Editor: Sullivan Slentz
  • VFX: Corey Scibilia and Alexandra Fertig
  • Sound Design: Ryan Meadows

Services Provided

  • Writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Casting
  • Art Direction
  • Producing
  • Set Design
  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mixing